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Take Your Skills to the Stage With Help From the Best Music Studio in the British Virgin Islands!


If you are like us, then you've spent your fair share of time singing in the shower. Music is an instrumental part of our lives, pun fully intended, and that means that we occasionally get the urge to showcase our own skills. Despite the common perception, most amazing musicians are molded by their music instructors. Why is this important? Well, it proves that anybody, anywhere, can learn how to sing and play the piano, provided they have the right music studio on their side. If you want to cultivate your skills on the mic or behind the keyboard, our team at the R.O.A.R Music Studio would love to help you out!


The R.O.A.R. Music Studio offers both distance learning and in-person lessons in the field of music. Currently, we are excited to offer online live video classes, private voice and piano lessons, and much, much more! Established by Kyia Stoutt in 2011, our team has been helping people of all ages and experience levels to grow their skills. Kyia established R.O.A.R with the intention of bringing all of her expertise in the entertainment industry to students who could benefit from her skills and knowledge. Having performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, Kyia certainly has experience on her side!


We already hear what you are thinking about! There are plenty of music instructors out there, so what makes R.O.A.R the top music studio in British Virgin Islands? The truth is simple. When you turn to R.O.A.R for your music education needs, you are putting your trust in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to helping you embrace and improve upon your talents. We offer affordable rates on private lessons and group sessions and our online live video streams are ideal for distance learning. No matter where you are in the world or in your own musical journey, you'll always have music instructors at the R.O.A.R Music Studio ready to help you out.


As you browse our website for group instruction or private training in the arts of piano and voice, keep an eye out for more lessons to come. R.O.A.R is a rapidly expanding music studio that is ready to add to our already hefty catalog of programs, camps, and workshops. Soon, you'll be able to attain professional instruction in the realm of acoustic and bass guitar, drums, and many more instruments. For now, you can enjoy world-class training from devoted and certified music instructors who are ready and willing to foster your growth in the music world. When you need to take your skills to the next level, turn to our team of instructors and music fanatics at the R.O.A.R Music Studio!