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Benefits of Keeping Your Studio Setup Simple

Music is a wonderful benefit under any circumstance. Those that put the sounds together in their studios know that the process needs to be kept simple and easy to manage. With everything that goes into getting things recorded and set up, many benefits go into keeping things simple. Here are some reasons why keeping the studio setup simple will make a world of difference.

Benefits of Keeping the Studio Setup Simple

A simple studio setup is essential to producing quality content. The red tape effect that happens when things are complicated can cause frustration and a lot of lost time. But consider these following benefits as you make the move to keeping your studio simple.

  • Inspiration comes at a moment’s notice. You can get an idea in your head and just need the time to sit down and put it into the system. An elaborate setup can take time to get up and to run. But a simple setup will allow you to start everything up and get the idea down before it slips away into the darkness of lost thought.

  • Smaller studio setups allow the artist to save a lot of time. They will not have to deal with setting up a dozen mics since there is only one or two to deal with. Smaller studios will not have to move equipment around because the owner will have things set up in a permanent spot. And the smaller setup allows you to have a smaller board, which enables quicker production times.

  • Simple studios allow for more excellent knowledge of how everything works. You will not spend a ton of time learning equipment that you may only use once in a long while. You can produce quality sounds without the hassle of expensive equipment.

  • A smaller setup also allows you to save money. The cost of equipment is high. And if you do not need to purchase a piece of it, then you will save that much money. You will not be pressured to buy equipment that has pieces that you will never use.

There is something to brag about when producing quality sounds by using simple equipment. If you are working in a large studio and are considering scaling back the amount of equipment you use, these benefits should help you make that decision to reset your studio to function with less equipment. As a producer, you know the benefits of quality, and that is what you can have without all the red tape.

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