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Have you been thinking about learning how to play the piano? Wanting to polish up your piano skills? Want to send your kids to music school to learn how to play the piano? R.O.A.R Music Studio is here for you, our instructors are top notch and here to provide students of all ages and skill the lessons they need. No matter your experience, we offer piano lessons for all. Whether you are taking your first piano lessons or wanting to polish up your piano skills - R.O.A.R Music Studio has a class and instructor for you.

The piano lessons are offered both as a private study or in a group piano-lab, where you’d be with 2-4 others. Our music instructors completely understand that some of our students prefer classical while others prefer contemporary. In our music studio it is our mission to make sure that we tailor our piano lessons for each individual student. What works for one student, might not work for another.

Depending on your skill and what your end goal is, we have a few different piano lessons that we offer. If you do decide to do the group piano lab, we will have you join a group based on your skill. We offer Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced group lessons. In our group lessons we want our students to learn together and when you all have the same skill level our music instructors really enjoy putting together some group jam sessions.

If you’d prefer to do a private study, that is a one hour private piano lesson. During the private lesson you will be working one on one with our music instructor and they are able to provide more solo instruction than would be expected in a group class. Some of our students do their private lessons once a week, others every other, or even once if you would like a quick refresher.

No matter where you are in your journey in playing piano, our team at R.O.A.R can help to accomplish your goals. Our music instructors are here and ready to start your music lessons today! Contact us today to learn how you can enjoy your first 30-minute piano lesson for free!

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