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Ways to Keep up your Singing Voice when You’re Busy

Just like routine exercising is to maintain your overall physical health, it is important to routinely exercise your vocals to keep up your singing voice. However, doing regular exercise of your voice just like physical exercise is hindered many times due to our busy schedules.

When we are bogged down with work and other obligations, there are several things we singers can do if we want to keep our gifts. As the saying goes: "We will lose it if we don't use it". Also, the world has seen on a few occasions when some of the once best singers in the world lost their voices, like Whitney Houston when she has sung on stage a few times a few years before she died. Another great example is when Mariah Carey sang on stage a few years ago to bring in the New Year just to be humiliated with awe as the world watched and wondered what happened.

With all this said, it is vital to keep up your singing, if you care about it. The following include tips on what to do to maintain your voice:

  • Drink a lot of water

  • Eat lemon and honey before and after singing a gig.

  • Rest a lot and do not speak after a long time of singing.

  • Correctly use technique always.

  • Do voice warm-ups and downs.

  • Use correct posture and breathing- doing this will keep your voice from fast fatigue. To do this, you must have your head in a neutral position and stand shoulder-width apart while singing. This stance will take the strain off your voice and will help you to correctly breath which is through your diaphragm

  • Listen at least sometimes to your voice to check the tell-tale signs of strain and fatigue. Doing this will let you know how far to use your voice. So, if your voice sounds and feels thin, scratchy, airy, or tired overall, then you will know to rest your voice and perhaps rest your body.

  • Rest- your voice just like your body needs rest after working out your muscles (vocals) for a while. So, even if you need your voice to take a break for a few days then that is alright. Your voice will let you know when you are ready to rehearse, warm-up, or even take on more gigs. In the meantime, you should stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water, you can organize your time, and you can use the time to learn other songs without singing. You can also work on other obligations to make sure you eliminate the possibility of being bogged down again.

If you care about maintaining your singing voice, it is imperative to abide by the steps mentioned above. Your voice will continue to make soothing sounds to the ears of your listeners, and you can continue sharing the gift that God has given you to the world. Happy Singing!

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