Private Voice Lessons  

What are the Benefits of Professional Private Voice Lessons?


Here at the R.O.A.R Music Studio, we firmly believe in the power of music and the impact that private voice lessons can have. Learning to sing is about so much more than making your voice sound pleasant. With the right singing coaches on your side, your journey toward an improved singing voice will also improve your confidence and self-esteem while granting you the fulfillment that comes when you accomplish something great. That sounds pretty great, right? Let's find out how you can accomplish all of that while attending the R.O.A.R Music Studio!


R.O.A.R stands for 'Revolutionary Outstanding Artists Rock' and our music studio lives by that acronym. Filled with passion for music as well as joy for teaching, our private voice lessons can serve as a stepping stone between the voice you have and the voice that you've always dreamed of. While our founder, Kyia Stoutt, has the training and qualifications to teach even the most decorated performer, we also offer vocal classes to absolute beginners, too!


Here at R.O.A.R, we understand how intimidating it can be to pursue private voice lessons. If you want to pursue vocal classes without the intimidation factor of heading to our studio, you'll love to know that we also offer live online voice lessons via streaming video. Your vocal classes can be customized to fit your needs. We currently offer our vocal lessons starting in 30-minute blocks. For more experienced singers, vocal lessons once per week for an hour are a great place to start. If you are completely new to the world of singing, you might instead opt for our twice-weekly 30-minute lesson plan. In any event, you'll be able to see all of the scheduling options after heading to the booking page on our website!


More than just a place to learn how to sing, the R.O.A.R. Music Studio is all about helping you to find your voice. Whether you have aspirations for stardom or hope to just carry a tune while driving to work, our singing coaches are uniquely suited for the job. We are also currently offering a free 30-minute lesson to first-timers to the studio. To take advantage of that offer, simply call ahead and ask about our vocal classes. Sounds pretty easy, right?


The R.O.A.R. Music Studio was established in 2011 by Kyia Stoutt. Stoutt developed the organization after spending her career working in and around music. As one of the most accomplished singing coaches in Tortola, Stoutt is more than qualified to give you the tools that you need to become the singer that you've always dreamed of. Along the way, your pursuit of professional lessons will help to improve your motor skills, posture, concentration skills, and more.