Piano and Voice Lesson

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  Tailor-Made Programmes  

Piano and Voice Lessons

Piano Programme

Whether this is your first time playing the piano or you are a seasoned pianist hoping to gain new tools - we've got you covered! The piano programme is offered both as a private study and as a group piano-lab, where the latter is limited to 2-4 students to one (1) instructor. Some students study a contemporary syllabus, whilst others take a more classical approach or a combination of both. Our experienced piano teachers will adapt your lessons to your specific needs, and we have lots of options for both children and adults. Irregardless of your choice to study piano privately or within the group piano-lab setting, either option allows you to move at your own pace, practice time by yourself and 1-on-1 time with the instructor. In general, you will follow a well-chosen tutor book, with an exam option if you wish. All our lessons will cover the building blocks of music - Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, Rhythm and so forth. In addition, while correct technique is always taught for all classes in the Piano Programme, a performance-based approach is strongly advocated and to this end, playing in front others from time to time, if you so desire, will help to nurture this skill. When possible, your placement in group classes is based on your level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced), which more readily allows for group jam sessions on various occasions. For the group piano-lab classes, shorter, thirty (30) minute sessions, which meet twice a week, are ideal for younger students and those that are new to playing the piano, while older and intermediate to advanced students might want to opt for one (1) hour weekly classes, which should be booked as two (2) consecutive (i.e. back to back) thirty (30) minute sessions, when possible.

Voice Programme

We're so pleased that you're looking to develop your singing techniques. We help students, from newcomers all the way up to gigging vocalists! So, whether you are a novice or an accomplished singer eager to hone your craft, we've got teachers and coaches that will assist you to move to the next level. Our expert vocal teachers and coaches help to fine-tune each of your 1-hour private voice lessons to best suit you, and we have lots of options for both adults and children. All our singing lessons have the option of graded exams, if you wish, thus catering to all levels: from beginners to advanced singers. By getting immediate and detailed feedback, each lesson will help to build your confidence and stage presence. Also, being able to move at your own pace allows for deeper exploration of various musical styles, for instance. Depending on your level and goals, each lesson could involve working on any combination of the following:

  • Tone
  • Vocal technique
  • Warm-up technique
  • Vocal exercises
  • Vocal registers
  • Range and flexibililty
  • Breathing
  • Diction
  • Expression
  • Posture
  • Intonation
  • Melody
  • Rhythm
  • Style and genre-specific vocals
  • Harmony and backing-vocal techniques
  • Advanced singing techniques
  • Audition techniques
  • Vocal health
  • Aurals (ear-training)
  • And definitely...songs! These are specifically tailored to help you explore the vocal techniques you're learning about and put them into context.

Combo Programme

Show them you're a double-threat with 1-on-1 piano and vocal instruction , and coaching! Maybe you can't decide whether you should study piano or voice, or maybe you already play and sing. Awesome! The Combo Programme is exactly what you've been looking for. Don't limit yourself. Instead, merge your two (2) passions with dedicated private piano and voice lessons made just for you! The Combo Programme is more economical overtime in comparison to the individual programmes in private piano and private voice. Additionally, the option of sitting a graded exam, if you'd like, is also available in this programme, thus accommodating all levels: from the newbie to the professional. The customised combo plan combines the benefits of private piano and voice lessons where both disciplines may be explored during each biweekly 1-hour lesson, or individually explored during one (1) of your biweekly 1-hour lessons. The Combo Programme also makes a great gift! So, give it a shot!