Singing Lessons In Tortola  

R.O.A.R Music Studio Has Effective and Entertaining Music Lessons For Kids!


The pure joy of watching someone learn how to play an instrument or sing a song can only be topped by doing it yourself. Learning to embrace your artistic side by following professional voice program classes can be a fantastic way to improve your skills and self-esteem. Here at the R.O.A.R Music Studio, we offer music lessons for kids as well as adult singing lessons in Tortola. In fact, no matter your skill level, our professional music studio is prepared and overjoyed at the thought of assisting you on your musical journey. What can you expect when you enroll in voice program classes at R.O.A.R?


The R.O.A.R Music Studio sprang to life under the guiding hands of Kyia Stoutt, the founder, and lead teacher at the facility. Stoutt has immersed herself within the world of music for as long as she has been alive. Thanks to her passion for performance, Stoutt has managed to perform at some of the most iconic venues in the world while training others to do the same. Stoutt has a Bachelor of Arts in Music with classical training in both voice and piano. An experienced performer in the world of musical theater, Stoutt is the perfect teacher for learning to embrace your inner voice.


When you sign up for lessons at R.O.A.R, you'll enjoy a simple and satisfying process. First, you should head to the programs section of our website to see what we offer. While our private and group piano lessons are our specialty, our voice program classes are incredibly popular for fostering growth in talents both young and old. Put simply, if you are looking for singing lessons in Tortola, you'll find the right class at our studio. All new students qualify for a free 30-minute lesson. To redeem the aforementioned free lesson, simply call into the number listed on our website!


As singing can be an intimidating skill to learn, we are happy to offer online voice lessons to those who would prefer to train from home. Our lessons can be tailored for skill sets of all types as well as people of all ages. Whether you want music lessons for kids or a tune-up before you head on tour with your music theater, Stoutt and the rest of our team will be ready to prepare you.


Stoutt has been a devout believer in the power of music since she first began performing. After spending the past decade working as an educator in the BVI school system, Stoutt is proud to share her faith in music with her students. Call ahead or book a lesson online to experience the joys of music for yourself. Stay tuned for more classes and programs as our institution is always expanding!